Greca Mediterranean Kitchen + Bar
Greca Mediterranean Kitchen + Bar - Homepage
Greca Mediterranean Kitchen + Bar - Homepage
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  • The Mediterranean Grille: Lollipop lamb chops, chicken skewers, gyro carvings and loukaniko (traditional village sausage).
  • Pasta at Greca.
  • Saganaki: Kefalograviera cheese, tempura battered and gently fried. Served flambe.
  • An assortment of delicious Greca dishes.
  • Whole Bronzino grilled over an open flame.

Rustic and Reimagined Mediterranean Cuisine with the Accent on Greek

Greek Cuisine. Fresh, healthful, and pure. With a focus on ingredients that are natural and sustainable; both sourced locally and imported from the sun-kissed islands and rugged mountains of Greece. Greca Mediterranean Kitchen + Bar is a concept 2,500 years in the making; steeped in tradition while exploring new creative paths forged from those traditions.  Fresh fish flown from the Aegean is featured alongside succulent char-grilled meats that are at the center of a Greek festive table. Octopus, tender and rich, is served over a bed of Santorini fava (yellow lentil spread) with local tomatoes and red onions; tzatziki made with locally-sourced yogurt produced by a third-generation Greek dairy farmer is lovingly made in the authentic way (strained through cheesecloth); and loukaniko (village pork sausage) is infused with orange peel, as is the custom in the Peloponnese.
In Greek culture, food is at the center of our lives, with every home producing it’s own culinary genius, very often known by the name “yiayia”. Among Greeks, food is made with love, with great thought and care given to each ingredient. Food is an extension of hospitality, a concept so important to Greeks that the word’s literal translation is “love of strangers”. For us, each meal, then, is a celebration; bringing together loved ones, old friends and new friends. Shared plates (whether meze or feasting platters), bottles of wine and cocktails crafted from the unique spirit heritage of Greece, are an invitation to commune with one another; to laugh, sing, imbibe and savor.

Kali Orexi
– Constantine “Dino” Kolitsas

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